Chino Valley Shooting Facility
Range is:  OPEN 

Winter Hours:    0900 to 1630.
Summer Hours: 0800 to 1700.

Always check the CVSF Home page for changes in our daily operations.
Or call the range phone for a recording of last minute changes before you drive out to shoot - weather or maintenance.
(928) 848-2271

Steel Target Rental NOW AVAILABLE !
We now have 2 straw archery stands at the range for your enjoyment.
Check in at the Range Office as usual and let the RSO know if you want to use the archery target area.

The CVSF phone number is - (928) 848-2271
This phone will stay in the Range Shack as the RSO will not be carrying this phone on his person during his duties on the range.
The RSO will return calls when it is safe to do so, or when there is no active shooting taking place on the range.

Keep using the web to check the Home and Calendar pages for range time changes before you come out to shoot.

Check the Calendar for matches and events.


Junior Shooting Class.
Basic Marksmanship and Firearms Safety

We are  planning to conduct a Junior Marksmanship and Safety class during March 9-13, 2015 at our range, CVSF.

Or, call Norm at 928-232-2145.

Visit  Prescott Sportsmen's Club   website for all Club events and information: Club Calendar - Matches etc.

Everything you want to know about what's going on with the Club is still found there.
This page is for a quick look at the CVSF operational status.


The Chino Valley Shooting Facility ( CVSF ) is operated by the Prescott Sportsmen's Club under a long term agreement with The Town of Chino Valley.
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