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Range is: OPEN

Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The CVSF range now has a phone in the RSO building that will answer and record messages.
The CVSF phone number is - (928) 848-2271
This phone will stay in the Range Shack as the RSO will not be carrying this phone on his person during his duties on the range.
But he will return calls when it is safe to do so, or when there is no active shooting taking place on the range.
Keep using the web to check the Home and Calendar pages for range time changes before you come out to shoot.

Check the Calendar for range hours and events.
Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


You can purchase an ECI at the office for $1.00.


Be sure to ALWAYS check the CVSF Home page and Calendar first before heading out to the range.
As we head into summer with higher range usage starting, and the Club moving it's operations from the Granite Basin range to the CVSF range, last minute changes will be happening.
Don't drive out to find the range closed ... check on-line first.



Election Day is November 4.
NRA ratings of political candidates.
We offer this link to you, so that you might learn how your candidates are ranked by the NRA.

renewal crunch

Crunch of Membership Renewals

The Membership Administrator has advised us that processing of membership renewals has slowed down due to her vacation and to a very high volume of renewals during September. We appreciate your patience. The crunch continues until the end of October.

monthly meeting

 Board Meetings: Third Tuesday of each month at 6 PM.
Location: The Hillside Church of God, 937 Ruth Street, Prescott, AZ

Board meetings for 2014 are scheduled on:
June 17,  July 15,  August 19,  September 16,  October 21,  November 18,  and December 16.

The board invites all Club members to attend.