WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2018 at 6 PM 

This email contains a message of official business of the Prescott Sportsmen's Club (PSC) and is authorized by the Board of Directors.

To all members of the Prescott Sportsmen's Club:

Many of you have probably wondered why the ranges closed recently.

For several months, several long-time Club members have disputed the legitimacy of some sitting "directors" who have been controlling Club business since the April election. Concerned members called for an election of directors. After scheduling and cancelling two Special Meetings of the Club membership, the former appointed directors finally stepped away from the table at the end of September.  Unfortunately, they retained control of the keys, combinations, passwords, checkbook, membership roster, and loyalty of several employees. They refused to transfer control of the Club finances to a former Club treasurer. The rangemaster notified the Chino Valley Town Manager that he was concerned that the Club wouldn't be able to pay his salary. The Town Manager closed the range on October 1, 2018. The range will remain closed until the Club elects sufficient directors to conduct business properly and to establish safe range operations.

The residual, legitimate Directors of the Prescott Sportsmen's Club have called a Special Meeting of the membership on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. The meeting will be conducted at 6 PM (1800) at the classroom of the CVPD range on Shooting Range Road, Chino Valley.

The purpose of the meeting is to elect new directors to meet or to exceed the minimum number of directors required by the Club By-Laws. The board cannot conduct business with fewer than four directors. This meeting and election are supported by several dozen long-standing members, many of whom have served this Club as directors. Eleven positions are open.

Only current Club members may vote for directors, a requirement which is complicated by slow processing of membership renewals by a recently-hired memberhip administrator. Therefore, members may vote who hold a current membership card or other evidence of continuing membership such as cancelled checks made out to PSC.

Candidates must have been members for at least one year before the election. Terms of service will be for three years.

Nominations can be made in person at the special meeting, or nominations can be submitted "in absentia" by a member who will be unable to attend the election. Submit via email to Dave Lacey: <davelacey1941@gmail.com>

Ballots will be issued to members who present a current PSC membership card. Nominees will be vetted for sufficient length of membership. Candidates will be allowed to speak for a minute to present a brief biography, vision of the Club's future, or reason why others should vote for you. Candidates must receive a simple majority of voting members to be elected.

The By-Laws requires seven (7) days notification. We will meet this requirement with a website posting and with an email distribution to the membership. The website replaced the newsletter more than five years ago.

The recently distributed notification letter contained a day and date that did not agree. This Special Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.

This notification supersedes two recent notifications: the "press release" posted to the website <http://www.cvsf.us> on October 2 and the letter sent to the members during the last week of September.

We strongly urge you to attend this Special Meeting to participate in the governance of our Club by duly electing a Board of Directors.

You may submit comments or questions to either:

George Gaskill <gunneyg@gmail.com>

Dave Lacey <davelacey1941@gmail.com>

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