Black Powder

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Muzzle loading / black powder competition continues thru the winter. See the calendar.

Silhouettes or Paper?

Take your choice.  The muzzle loading shoots do both, in turn.

The PSC muzzle loading Matches take place the second Sunday each month at the Chino Valley Shooting Facility.  Summer hours we start at 9 AM, set-up at 8 AM; Winter hours we start at 10 AM, set-up at 9 AM.  For three months in a row we do steel silhouettes, then on the fourth month we shoot paper novelty targets.  September will see steel targets and October will be paper.

This summer Jon Pack ran the paper target shoot in Jun.  I don’t have the results directly at hand to give you.  In July and August, Don Anderson assisted along with Wulf.  The July event was marked with 10 in attendance and 7 shooters.  Wulf took top honors followed closely by Pete, then there was a tie with George and Lee.  In August Wulf again ran away with the top honors.  Chris R. came in second and Lee came in third with Pete taking 4th place.  There were 8 shooters in August.

A portion of the fees collected are paid out in prize money to the top participants.  In the past each participant collected a portion of the fee monies, and we are exploring doing that again.

The muzzle loading matches are relatively informal and fun.  If you have a smokepole collecting dust in your closet/gun safe, consider coming out and joining us.  Our next match is Sunday September 8th at 9 AM.

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be addressed to me: Dana Dore 602-791-5236,