Construction and Photos

Construction at the Chino Valley Shooting Facility.

visit   PSC/Range/CVSF range photos to view photos of the CVSF range

Phase 1 construction has been completed. We are fabricating windbreaks to install at the rear of the firing line pads. Planning continues for the 200 yard rifle range and the RangeMaster's residence pad.

We have the Range Master building and the Restroom building in place and in operation.
The well is complete with running water to the range. Electrical and plumbing are operational.
We want all to know that R.E.D. Plumbing Inc. and P.S. Electric Inc. have been major contributors to our Range development and we'd like you all to use their companies if you ever need electrical or plumbing work.
They are true professionals in their field.  We thank them for all their help.
The PA system has been installed. By the end of summer, we might have night lights under the sun covers so we can shoot into the evenings and hold some events after regular hours.
Two more sets of steps with handrails have been added to assist shooters getting up to the firing line pads.