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 Winter hours - Seven days a week.
0900-1630 / 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Have fun and be safe!

100 YD. Range is:

50 YD. Range is:

Be sure to check the CALENDAR  for Club or Range events - such as matches, maintenance or training.
One range or the other may be closed during these activities.

Steel Target Rental -  $10 for 2 hours

Action Bays.
This is due to the Town not wanting us to use these bays while the Town is wanting the dirt for road building and repairs.
When the dirt removal is done for this year and we see what the Club can do with the Action Bays, we will work on getting them open for use again.

The Town has not been able to obtain the proper equipment to do the dirt removal from the future 200 yard range.
At this time, the work will be done but no date set yet.
Sorry for the notice of work that isn't scheduled yet. but we hope for it to be done soon.