Prescott Sportsmen's Club

Junior Rifle Marksmanship Program

Kurt Nelson CRSO will operate the Juniors program. Kurt has extensive experience training junior rifle competitors. Mr. Nelson is a certified NRA 
Chief Range Saftey Officer and will offer a safe and fun program to teach kids the correct way to handle, shoot and clean a firearm.
                                    Contact:     Kurt Nelson 760-822-1637
The Beginning Junior Training Class is every 1st Saturday of the month 0800-1200
Advanced Jr. Shooter Clinics are ever 2nd, 3rd and 4th Fridays 1300-1645

Safety meeting, range and firearms familiarization will be included at the start of the class prior to any shooting on the range.

Live firing will include 22RF small bore rifle and .223 AR platform, shooting at 50 and 100 yards.

Juniors will be furnished firearms, shooting jackets, shooting mats, ammunition, eye and ear protection, spotting scopes and a Range Safety Officer  by the Club.

Bring food and drinks for a lunch break.  Bottled water is available at the RO shack for $1.00.

This training is offered to Juniors from 8 to 17 years.
Parents and friends are invited to attend.

Recent Junior activities:

Saguaro Camp Cedarbrook
In July 2015, this Christian summer camp used our range at CVSF to introduce their campers to shooting.

 Two of our junior competitors,  Sarah Nguyen and Gennaro Napolitano,  were selected to train and to compete with the Arizona state junior highpower rifle team this summer(2013), which includes travel to Camp Perry to compete in the National Matches.


Eight Juniors completed the 2013 Junior Marksmanship class at PSC in July. Two of them completed the Boy Scout merit badge in Shooting.


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