NRA Bullseye Pistol League

(5-31-2017)  The 2017 season begins in April. This page will be updated as the season approaches.




PSC 2013 Summer NRA Bullseye Pistol League Program

1. The League will be an NRA sanctioned outdoor conventional pistol league, consisting of matches conducted on the first Sunday in March through November.

2. The League can only accomodate 13 shooters in one relay.  PSC members will be given first opportunity to participate on a first come basis.  Non-PSC members may only join the League if the roster is not filled with PSC members.

3.  Registration for the League is required by March 1, 2012.  A $10.00 nonrefundable fee will be collected to cover the NRA sanction fees and match result mailing costs.

4.  Matches will be 600 point 22RF and 600 point CF, unless changed by majority vote of the members attending.  Course of fire will be the standard NRA Short Course at 25 yards.  NRA Bullseye Pistol competition rules will be followed.

5.  Match fee will be $10.00 per monthly match attended.  $5.00 will be accumulated for the year-end award program and $5.00 will be used to cover match expenses with the balance going to the PSC general fund.

6. Participants will meet before the first match to select league officers and review the League rules, the award program, and the shooting schedule.

7. Matches may be shortened, postponed or cancelled due to inclement weather or range closure, by a majority vote of those participating.

8.  Proposed Award Schedule:  Season-end awards in both the 22RF and CF competitions to Winner, Runner-up, and 3 classes based on the Lewis-scoring system.  The top 3 match scores (based on scoring percentage) in each competition (22RF & CF) will be aggregated to produce the League score and rank.

9.  The final match in November will be a fun shoot (scores do not count for league awards) and will be preceded by an awards event at a local restaurant.

PSC NRA Bullseye 2013 League Schedule

(First Sunday of the month)

 October 6

Nov. 3 (Awards breakfast and Fun Match)

(Reg at 8:30am - match at 9:00am)