Range Facilities

CVSF is operated by the Prescott Sportsmen's Club under a long term agreement with The Town of Chino Valley, AZ. We have:
        A 50 yard pistol range with covered firing line    
        A 100 yard rifle range with covered firing line
        Two (2) uncovered action bays.
        Steel silhouette targets are available for rent (see details below)
        Classroom building.
        Restrooms with modern plumbing.
Planning continues for the 200 yard rifle range.
        Photos have been posted below..

The Club is in need of funds to keep building on the new Chino Valley range.
Any help you can give will be very helpful for our future growth.

STEEL TARGETS are available for rent. Read the rental rules and guidelines for shooting at steel at our ranges.
Personally owned steel targets must be approved by the Range Master before use on CVSF range.

ALSO: We now have 2 straw archery stands at the range for your enjoyment.
Check in at the Range Office as usual and let the RSO know if you want to use the archery target area.

Photos of the Range

Range operations are supervised by the Range Master or by a Range Safety Officer (RSO).

When coming to the range to shoot, please sign in at the Range Shack and then haul your gear to the line. Not the other way around.

All shooters are expected to understand and comply with all range rules, to handle their firearms safely, and to obey range commands.


Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) are required for rifles, pistols, and revolvers and must be inserted in the actions during the cease fire.
They are available from the Range Master for $1.00 each.

We want all to know that R.E.D. Plumbing Inc. and P.S. Electric Inc. have been major contributors to our Range development and we'd like you all to use their companies if you ever need electrical or plumbing work. They are true professionals in their field.  We thank them for all their help.

Aug 21, 2017, 1:10 PM